Format Factory

Format Factory Conversion Software - review + free download Converter

With the continued advancement in computer and mobile technology, you will always find a video, audio, or picture you want to convert from one format to the other, and that is where Format Factory Software comes in.

The program has some superior features, and it doesn’t set you back since it is freeware.

It is a free multimedia converter that can convert videos, audio, and even picture files.

  • Among the video formats that it supports are 3GP, MP4, QuickTime, Windows Media Video, Flash Video, VOB, SWF, and Matroska.
  • Audio formats supported include MP3, Ogg, Wave Sound, Adaptive Multi-rate, Windows Media, and MIDI, among others.
  • For the pictures, you can rely on Format Factory for JPG, PNG, ICO, BMP, GIF, TGA, and the list can go on for some time.

Key Advantages of the Format Factory

High conversion power and simplicity of use

The software provides a great balance between conversion power and ease of use. Starting is easy. To convert a video, open the software and choose the file you want to create, and then add the videos to be converted. Finally, select the output settings you want, and you are ready.

It’s Fast

If you would like to convert files quickly, you can do that by using multiple profiles that will allow you to configure all the settings with just one click. You can create new profiles fast, and finding everything you need in the software is easy.

Advanced Options

Format Factory has many advanced features and tweaks. Some of these include the ability to make animated GIFs from a movie, convert images and audio files, extract video soundtracks, and many more.

It also comes with conversion presets, subtitling support, watermarks, and many other facilities.

Repairing files

Freeware can repair damaged audio and video files. This is an excellent feature that helps you recover files you would otherwise lose.

Reducing file sizes

Format Factory can reduce multimedia file sizes, enabling you to save memory on your computer and mobile devices.

It supports many languages.

The software supports 62 languages, so you can customize it in any language that you like.

CD and DVD ripping

The video conversion software can rip CDs and DVDs into other file formats.

Participate in Multiple Videos

Format Factory software is also useful when you want to join multiple videos into one file with ease.


Some users reported having been unable to convert an MP4 to the FLY version.


Format Factory supports conversion of all popular audio, picture, and video files, including iPhone, iPod, PSP, and BlackBerry formats. It’s easy to use and can save memory on your computer by reducing multimedia file sizes.

The idea that downloading and installing Format Factory on your computer is free makes the software worth it!