Comodo Internet Security

Free Comodo Internet Security 2015 review - download CIS complete Comodo Internet Security Premium (CIS) is an award-winning software that has stood the test of time since its beginning! The software’s PRO version was awarded a certificate for surpassing the industry standards by the AV-TEST, an antivirus testing lab in Germany.

What is Comodo Internet Security?

Comodo Internet Security is a free antivirus and free firewall that optimizes and protects a PC from all malicious codes that can destroy a computer. Unlike most other antiviruses, e.g., 360 Security, CIS offers all its protective features for free.

An upgrade to the Pro version is only necessary when you want one-on-one technical support from the company and a $500 guarantee in case your computer gets infected by any antivirus that the company cannot remove.

The Comodo antivirus is also integrated with the Comodo firewall, so it also offers prevention as much as it provides a defense against malware.

Key Program Advantages

The following are some benefits you get when you install a free Comodo Internet Security Premium on your computer.

It optimizes your computer.

CIS software improves the efficiency and performance of your PC, saving you time whenever you are doing any task on your computer.

Online Connection Security

There are so many risks that you are exposed to whenever you connect to the internet. Apart from the viruses that your computer can contract, you could also lose important data or personal information to hackers.

Comodo Internet Security secures all your internet connections by detecting and preventing spyware from accessing your computer.

Fast Scanning

The Comodo antivirus relies on a cloud-based scanning system, making the process faster than most of the other free antiviruses.

Host-based intrusion prevention

The Comodo antivirus has a host-based intrusion prevention system called Defense+. HIPS protects your computer from unknown malware. It restricts the actions of unknown programs, preventing them from accessing folders, files, settings, the Windows registry, and other computer resources.

Defense+ prevents unknown programs from installing or executing any actions without your express permission, unless they are on the CIS white list.

Sand-boxing Technology

A sandbox allows unknown applications to run in a secluded environment where they cannot harm any computer components. With CIS, you can sandbox your desktop environment, shielding all other parts of your computer from harmful code.

Comodo Endpoint Security Manager

CESM manages security settings and elements of endpoint computers. It updates the free Comodo Firewall and other antivirus components, making sure that you are always protected against newly developed malware.


The freeware does not offer guarantees unless you upgrade to the Pro version, where you get technical support and compensation to the tune of $500 in case a virus infects your computer and Comodo cannot remove it.


Comodo Internet Security Complete is currently one of the best antivirus and firewalls that you can have on your computer! It quarantines all kinds of malware and alerts you in case of any security threats or attempted breaches.

The software also optimizes the performance of your computer, enabling you to work faster and efficiently without fear, even when you are surfing the Internet. Over 10 million people around the world have already downloaded Comodo antivirus.

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